On Desire
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Cruel Intentions

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The Drowners have come back with their sophomore album On Desire. So it only makes since that the first single off of On Desire would be the semi-aggressive track 'Cruel Ways'. 

'Cruel Ways' demonsrates the bands personal growth from touring band to a solid studio four piece. From the 'Cruel Ways' music video...one assumes it's safe to say Drowners are in control of their creative potential. 

What the track identifies is a harsh reality set within the building blocks of our relationships. Busting open the door by laying claim and fact to how your or another's significant other has been treating you. Not in a physical standpoint but more set on exposing cruel mind games. Set to a backdrop of a tense yet fluid rhythm section. Where each repetitive pluck causes a surgence of betrayal. Lyrically 'Cruel Ways' introduces exactly each element of suspicion, hurt and a passive agressive tendency hidden within all of us.

Mostly Drowners have shown a depth most shy away from. However, Drowners are clenching the truthful paradox of relationships and they are just getting started with 'Cruel Ways'.