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Cage The Elephant Trouble

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Popular indie rockers Cage the Elephant released a new single entitled “Trouble”. The guys haven’t released much since their most recent album Melophobia, which has great critical reception and was one of my favorite releases from 2013. 

The song and upcoming album was produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, although there is no noticeable evidence of this in the song. “Trouble” taps into what Cage the Elephant does best; creating wildly, indescribable music. “Trouble” has a lighter feel to it, relative to their other two albums. It features dreamy guitar tones that make it easy for the listener to get lost in the song. 

 "Trouble on my left,Trouble on my right,I've been facing trouble almost all my life.My sweet love won't you pull me through.Everywhere I look I catch a glimpse of you.I said it was love and I did it for life, do do for youWill I come to pass or will I pass the test."

“Trouble” is a showcases the more relaxed, gentle side of Cage the Elephant. Although I like this track, I prefer the raw, more grungy Cage. I am hopeful that their new album Tell Me I’m Pretty will feature this quality more, but we’ll all just have to wait until December 18th to find out. 

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