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Dreaming with Soley

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One afternoon I let Youtube choose music for me. I started with first song, and it took me to Soley's Pretty Face. I was hypnotized, literally. I used to own a bar and worked that afternoon. Afternoons were calm and winterish and warm and asking for tea or hot chocolate or something similar. I hope I managed to describe the feeling. And then Pretty Face started playing. I flew with drinks through bar. It made me feel like I'm floating.

I read somewhere that Soley said about her music that it's "Dreamy, surrealistic and in her own world". Exactly.

Soley is an Icelandic singer flirting with folk, electronic music, pop,mixing it all to get a dreamy atmosphere. When she wrote and recorded „Don't Ever Listen“, she tried to capture the moment when her mind started buzzing about negative things and she couldn't stop it. It became louder and louder. She moved to her new flat and in the night, she started writing with her cat meowing around the new house.

Sóley studied classical and jazz style piano as a child and later went to the Icelandic Art Academy to study composition to become a proficient pianist and guitarist. A lot of material she wrote were made while studying, she would then rewrite them and made them into songs.

In 2006 Soley became a part of Icelandic indie-folk band Seabear, singing back vocals, with whom she released two Studio Albums: The Gost That Carried Us Away 2007. (Morr Music) and We Built a Fire (Morr Music), and Extended Plays: While The Fire Dies 2010. (Morr Music). As a solo artist she recorded two Studio Albums: We Sink 2011. (Morr Music) and Ask The Deep 2015. (Morr Music) and Extended Plays: Theater Island 2010. (Morr Music) and Kromantik 2014. (Morr Music).


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