Mac Demarco
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Another Side of Mac Demarco

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Mac Demarco has an abundance of demos that fans of Jizz Jazz all over the world can enjoy. Captured Tracks releases demos for each of his albums (2 & Salad Days) including skeletal recordings of songs on the album and songs that also got cut, making it interesting to see how these songs progress and flourish throughout production and live performance. What's more interesting, however, is how Mac's jangle pop can still be listened to in it's rough state. In other words, how these demos can still be released and enjoyed despite their imperfections. We all know Mac romanticizes the imperfections brought on by recording on tape, leading his released material to have a special lo-fi quality, however, these demos go further than being just different manifestations of released materials. These demos grow a life of their own, almost as if there's another more intimate side to Mac's music, as if there is another artist making them, or simply Mac's mellowed-out twin brother. 

In any case, these demos show Mac's songwriting prowess; not many artists can do what he does with laying down a few tracks on a tape recorder and seranading his fans so simply, so effortlessly. Listen to this unreleased song, Joe Buck, featuring a young smoking (of course) Mac, and some sweet chord changes brought together by tape-flushed tom hits in the background. Mac's intimate lyrics make you almost feel sorry for him, as he sings he's "just doing what he can" for his girl, showing another side to the Mac who sings about how many girls he's been with compared to his girl in "Together". 


Enjoy this piece of premium, unreleased, sweet, sweet, Demarco lo-fi.

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