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Chance The Rapper Angels (feat. Saba)

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This week, Chance the Rapper and Saba released a new single entitled Angels.  We haven’t heard much from these young talented Chicago natives in a while so this song came as a very pleasant surprise.

I would call this track the epitome of modern hip-hop. displays a positive message, live instrumentation, and all delivered in an acutely creative way. “I got my city doing front flips” Chance boasts as he opens the song into a warm, friendly atmosphere. He continues“When every father, mayor, rapper jump ship, I guess that's why they call it where I stay Angels   Clean up the streets, so my daughter can have somewhere to play”. I myself am from Chicago, and these lyrics ring very true. Chance addresses every main issue that people face, and does it without being bitter.The first two line address the fact that Chicago is a city known for its corrupt politicians (Rod Blagojevich, Mel Reynolds). He commenting that they left and gave up, but he isn’t going to. Crime is also a huge problem in Chicago. Every 3 hours somebody is shot and every 17 hours somebody is killed. I love that Chance is vowing to help “Clean up the streets”, because its a much needed change in our city. It seems like people need someone to look up to and help lead the charge on this issue, and I appreciate the leadership role Chance is taking on. 

I believe that is about the fact that he grew up on the Southside of Chicago and feels blessed that he actually made it to adulthood. And even better than being grateful is writing a song about it to spread the positive vibes. I absolutely adore music that is written from a personal, meaningful stand point and I think Chance and Saba hit a grand slam on this one. These guys have more influence than they realize, and I believe they are using it in the best way possible. I look forward to new music by this talented group in the future.Angels

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