Von Südenfed
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Von Südenfed

Artist reviewed by:

Can’t get it

Thorny sounds are tearing my skin to pieces. Plastic, farting bass is flirting like a drunken cow: charmingly obvious, clumsy but so roughly. Beats are broken and they take no prisoners. You cannot slow down. You just dance all your sh*t away and want more. The only question – why did they release only one album? I can’t get it.

Hard-edged electro-punk tribal dancing in a concrete jungle – I’m talking about Von Südenfed. This is a project consisting of three outstanding musicians: Andi Toma, Jan St. Werner, Mark E. Smith. So you might think it’s something like Boards of Canada meets The Fall so it’d gonna be something hard to define… Nope! It’s pretty easy to define - Von Südenfed is electro-punk with steel balls. It’s primal, loud and hard to resist. And why should you resist anyway?

You wanna do something? – Hello no! You’re about to twitch in a convulsive trance once you’ve heard the sound. You cannot do anything till music stops. And silence will be offensive at this moment. You’ll beg for more electronic junk music to fulfill you with all that passion, lust and dirt Von Südenfed possesses. It’s like a zombie-rave for the horny living dead boys and gals. If zombies did not want brains; if they drank beer and vodka instead of eating flesh, it would be a perfect picture of that Von Südenfed electronic punk rave.

Von Südenfed is alarm for maniacs: wake up, get up, turn it louder and go out! Do not get dressed, just go outside immediately and let everyone see you. Tell them it’s Von Südenfed who makes you happy and free. Tell them all your little dirty secret spread   the word about the project. Von Südenfed is worth it.

Some useful links:

MySpace: https://myspace.com/vonsudenfed Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/793128-Von-S%C3%BCdenfed