Big City Orchestra
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Big City Orchestra

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Noise is Sexy

I’m drowning in the liquid sounds swamp. These sounds are grey, viscous and biting. When they bite my neck and lips I want to breed a new life. But I can’t scream, because I’ve got to keep silent not to miss a thing in this music. So I’m just breathing and swallowing each and every sound and sob this weird orchestra is uttering at the moment.

This orchestra is strange and magical. It is called Big City Orchestra. They are classics in experimental noise and industrial music void making tasty records for a few decades. Big City Orchestra comes from California: Los Angeles and San Francisco mostly. It is an experimental project with many musicians that rotate all the time. In fact, Big City Orchestra is more like a platform for different artists from all over the world.

BCO has released a huge number of records since the late 70’s. Numerous hours of music which is really hard to define and describe. 100 labels, enormous number of cassettes and CD-Rs. Once you’ve been introduced to the inconstant and wonderful world of BCO you are lost in these woods of recorded masterpieces and collaged beauty for many, many days / weeks / months.

Cassettes act like living dead things when they carry this special big City Orchestra Virus inside. These BCO tapes can have sex; CD-Rs are always wet and even links to BCO releases are horny as hell. That’s because this type of old school industrial noise fairy whispering experiments is extremely sexy. Try it to get confused, surprised and so satisfied!

If cassettes could be porn stars then BCO tapes would be of the top rated porn actresses and actors ever.

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