Carpenter Brut
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Carpenter Brut

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Aesthetical Orgasm for cinematic music lovers – this is what I’m talking about. Nah, it’s just Aesthetical Orgasm in a pure form. If one could ejaculate with bullets, blades and knives the perfect music for this performance would be Carpenter Brut, of course. Well, actually, CB is like ejaculation with blood onto synths.

Rats, cops, maniacs and sexy killer girls are watching you masturbating – this is the feeling when Carpenter Brut’s music is in the air. You want to crash things and chew glass. You feel like a pimp pimping himself; you feel like an Asian woman with the sharpest knife ever. You feel like a man biting a dog; an amphetamine in someone’s nose. You feel like dancing to gunshots and shooting at zombie dancers. Carpenter Brut is a movie you always want to watch. 

Writing about CB’s music is like typing on guts of a dead cyborg. He’s a French producer and he creates electronic music. But all these words are too blunt for sticking into the dead synthetic flesh. They cannot describe the whole range of feelings, emotions and plots in your heart and head Carpenter Brut’s music breeds. It infects you and you are turning into a zombie_maniac_movie_character eating synth sounds. You act like 80’s, you smell like exploitation, you sound like Le Perv. No matter what you’ve got to say and do, you’re Le Perv forever. You’re slasher and Asian explo at the same time. Infected robohobo in search of the action movies which have never been shot.

Carpenter Brut is for tough addicts. The music is tremendous, the style is bulletproof. Beware of overdose. Because losing control is most possible when it comes to CB’s music. But I do realize this advice is useless: you’ll beg for more and more.

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