Vercetti Technicolor
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Vercetti Technicolor

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“Don’t turn around… Don’t walk faster. Just keep on walking down this empty street of a night city you hate. Sorry for this drama. Now you know that the murderer is behind you. He’s following you. It’s ok… I mean, it’s not but it’s just the way we’ve planned. Do you hear me? Ok, now, please, cross the road, don’t turn anywhere. Just keep on walking down the street, so we could see you. Don’t be afraid, everything’s under control. Ok, here’s a hooker, she’s a police officer, so you can relax. She’s gonna watch your back ready to act fast. Don’t stop, act like everything’s ok. She’s following you, we can see him. A person in a long black raincoat. He’s wearing one of those old-fashioned hats no one’s gonna wear nowadays. He’s taking something out of his pocket. Gloves! I think he’s gonna act now, everybody get ready! He has put the gloves on. Wait a second there’s something in his right hand… I can’t see… Oh! It’s a razor!

Okay, do not panic, everything’s gonna be alright. Keep on going. Do everything as we’ve told you and we will get that bastard. It’s gonna be a dark alleyway on the left. You’ll see it. You will turn there, ok? Good. Don’t be nervous, you’ve got nothing to be afraid of. Ok, here’s this alleyway, go there…”

The person in a black raincoat starts running. He turns to the alleyway.  Silence. A woman’s scream…

- Police! Drop the razor!

Some mess and two gunshots… The other woman’s scream.

Everything’s over now. They’ve got the maniac, who’s turned out to be a woman. A close friend of a potential victim. Police cars and ambulance are here.

So, this was Vercetti Technicolor’s music in images and associations. A Greek musician, producer and a co-owner of Giallo Disco Records. Vercetti Technicolor is a synthetic electronica inspired by old horrors, especially giallo, and slashers. It is cold, sharp and thrilling.

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