Mater Suspiria Vision
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Mater Suspiria Vision

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They all are wearing black shapeless garments. Faces are veiled and their voices are strained and delayed. They all speak a mixture of different languages. Seems they are screaming out some spells and abraxas.  Music is filling up the whole space in this weird cathedral. The music is coming out of nowhere; it’s disturbing and strangling. Electronic sounds of the unknown origin, mass ecstasy, mad screams and a sudden calm – as you are observing all this, hiding in a dark corner of the cathedral, you feel something very important and outstanding is about to happen. You’re trying to report all this, to collect but you cannot report the main thing – those feelings are eating your insides. No one will ever know the way all this mess makes you feel. You are not ready to face the fact: you like it. This doom, this depression is transforming into an orgasm of everything around: strangers in shapeless garments, walls, signs, symbols and dark light. You like it and you know you do want more of this experiment.

Your reports will be chaotic, faltered and full of despair. They will find your notes on a dirty slimy table in your cheap motel room. It’d seem like a madman lived here. Someone who was really obsessed with a crazy idea which cannot be stated. This man has left his reports undone and disappeared somewhere in the void of a tough, experimental sound wave and mental orgasm… Witch house / industrial / experimental band Mater Suspiria Vision has opened a sacred door for this agent – you. And the reporter has dissolved in a dim light of esoteric ritual among the strange creatures and images. Perhaps, he will be back one day and provide you with a real report, the best report you’ve ever read. 

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