Electronica 1: The Time Machine
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The Father of Electronica

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When you are an artist who initiated a certain art movement or discovered a specific music genre, that speaks for you. Even silence screams your name. I think it is totally unnecessary to spend words on describing Jean Michelle Jarre, one of the pioneers of electronic music who holds few records when it comes to selling tickets to megalomanic concerts. This young in spirit 67 year old man does not have any intention to disrupt his work and Time Machine is an evidence for it. It’s his 18th album, with no new tricks to discover. It would be delusional to expect experimentation inside the genre that is already butchered by many. I have nothing against innovative sound and expending music but the Jarre didn’t change his approach since the release of his legendary debut Oxygene, almost four decades ago.

When you hear few strongest tracks from the actual album, you realize Jarre does not have to try swimming in new waters because he is the biggest fish. Collaborations with M83 in Glory and Moby in Suns Have Gone are so melodically deep that oceans are getting jealous.

His compatibility with ambient sound can be felt on Close Your Eyes, third song on the album pinned by French duo Air, but it is especially prominent on A Question of Blood where minimalistic instrumental screams sensibility of John Carpenter.

Overall, Time Machine: Electronica 1 is big hearted dedication to electronic music that intelligently communicated with modern elements. More than solid.


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