Nicolas Jaar
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Nicolas Jaar

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It sounds pretty stupid if someone says: “I’m fond of space”. In fact, I’ve never heard anyone saying such a crap. But space is magnetic and beautiful, no doubt. And this phrase sounds incredibly pretentious and outrageously stupid, too. It seems like we’ve got to admire space speechlessly. Just visions and some sounds are allowed to describe how much we are in love with space. “Space Is Only Noise If You Can See”.

So I imagine a musical spaceship flying around the Earth and playing house music. It’s stupid and useless, I know, cos space trash and planets won’t hear it anyway. But sometimes useless ideas are so beautiful. There are lots of musicians to be played in space… if… if it’s necessary… well… let’s just imagine it’s a good idea. Like you’re listening to a techno mix live from Space, not New York or Helsinki. Yes, I’m serious now. So, lots of bands, but I wanna imagine that spaceship is broadcasting Nicolas Jaar’s opuses straight outta space.

The sounds are pumping and jumping like a crazy Ping-Pong ball. Bass is deep and tight, this bass is like a space bull with an angry face and a muscled body, but a kind heart and a music-loving soul. Samples are melodic and sophisticated like a French transvestite singing in a modern art-gallery. In a modern space art-gallery, of course! The voice is a drunken astronaut trying to be concentrated, not breathing and serious to pass the test. But the words keep coming out taking shape of a capricious puzzle-like lyrical abracadabra. Sounds amazing.

Nicolas Jaar is a rocket of house music swishing space and air with groovy and hypnotic sounds served on a big plate with stardust as a seasoning. Try his music now or later, but anyway, try it.

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