Russian Tsarlag
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Russian Tsarlag

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Romance is in the air. I wanna talk to a rabbit making fire in the middle of my room. I wanna sample this rabbit and play it looped on and on. Sampled rabbit with his voice delayed will celebrate romance in this wet November air. It makes every single thing around wet and melancholically horny. This is hunger for love - do you feel it, can you handle it? Sampled rabbit and looped raccoon will play the psychedelic lo-fi serenades in our room full of warmth and mysteries. No animals will be harmed, oh no! They like it trust me. 

I’m listening to “Turning White” by Russian Tsarlag and becoming wet. Then it’s “Dipped in Gel” – and I am almost in a liquid state. Russian Tsarlag is so adorable and brilliantly atmospheric that it makes all the pets cry in their tender emotion. I don’t know why but this Tsarlag music makes me think of kind animals watching people making love. Wet fire is coming out of the speakers in a form of lo-fi electronics and a malleable guitar with a voice of a zombie-groom singing a ballad to his pale-faced bride. There’s a feeling about Russian Tsarlag: I want to dedicate his music to my Special Someone. It’s like every song is: “Hey man, I’m so good, please, dedicate me to someone important to you!” – It’s really like that.

Russian Tsarlag is a man named Carlos Gonzales. He lives in Tampa, Florida. And when I try to imagine the way he makes his music, I see lots of smiling animals watching him surrounded with drum-machines, samplers, guitars and microphones. Every time he comes out with new song rabbits, raccoons and giraffes clap their hands and open up champagne bottles. Perfect picture, isn’t it? Hope, you like it.

Russian Tsarlag is to be explored. Russian Tsarlag is to be explored ok?

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