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Grimes Flesh Without Blood

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The self proclaimed alien love-child of Aphex Twin and ABBA, Grimes, released a new single this week entitled . The Canadian singer songwriter cites a diverse range of artists as influences likeFlesh Without Blood Marillyn Manson, Beyonce, Nine Inch Nails, and Outkast as her source of inspiration although you can’t her it much in her music. But much like these artists, Grimes uses these musicians developed artistic freedom as her inspiration. She has a unique, individualistic sound that likely comes from a culmination of all her influential artists.demonstrates how Grimes Flesh Without Blood knows what instruments to emphasis and what to keep as a background elements. She seems to deliver each line with a sense of disciplined enthusiasm.This sense of instinct gives her music a deeply mature and sophisticated sound. The use of live instrumentation combined with unorthodox song structure made this single far more interesting than I first expected. 

After hearing , I am more inclined to listen to Grimes in the future. Her originality and writing style continues to keep her on the outskirts of mainstream pop, and I have a feeling that exactly where she wants to be. Flesh Without Blood

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