White Light
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Electro Vintage Shura

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Wow! I love electro pop! When I heard first sounds of Shura's newest single White Light, the mix of synth and retro rhythm made me think of Eddie Murphy's Party All The Time, cheeky little bastard... Right away, I had preconception about the song. I had a good feeling about it. No, afterwards it was nothing like Eddie Murphy or Party All The Time, but I'm glad that new music is being made with that rhythm and style. I'd say there's something vintage about Shura's music. Electro vintage!

New wave music makes me cry sometimes. It makes me sad that new music, new people who make music and make history, make EDM, Electronic Dance Music. There's so many things to be said on this topic, I don't know where to start, but I'll try and be short. EDM music that makes me cry is from 2010 till now. When I hear it, I have to change the radio station quickly or I become nervous and frustrated. Shorter than that can not be said.

The point is, not a lot of music of high quality and great rhythm is being made. When I hear Shura and other young artists who sound new, but different, and electro but not EDM – I am so happy! There's still hope!!! It would be a shame to listen to the same music all my life and not discover anything new that could bring my emotions to the climax.

Shura is one of those great new artists who is making great new music. I can see she's not highly popular, but that's because she's not comercial. And that's why few of us like her even more, we don't go for comercial music. We go for musicians like her, weird and giving a true part of themselves for us to enjoy in. Not selling her work and changing it for money and popularity.

Sorry Shura, there's just a few of us, but we truly do love you!

Shura remixed Jessie Ware's »Say You Love Me«, and has five singles out: Touch(2014), Just Once(2014), Indecision (2014), 2Shy (2015) and White Lie (2015).

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