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Jungle - The Heat: The beat with a soul

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With a mid 70's funk feel and a living breathing accompanyment of a seven peice band, Jungle is one of the few electronic collectives that strive for honesty in their work. "The Heat" was the first single release the group issued, though XL Recordings in 2013. With the delecate touches of sampled police siren, and silky psychedellic vocals held together by the funkiest bass line since George Clinton left with the mothership, "The Heat" is refreshing, and fufilling. Like a neuanced minimalist jungle track, with something slightly off. I was tipped off to the works of Jungle by a friend who invited me to see them play. "They're doing a gig in Shoreditch, and you're coming with me!" So we bought the tickets, and at the last minuite, I found out that I had double booked my night. I sold my ticket, and so I got to see the recording of the gig later, pixelated, grainy, potato quality. Still through the fuzzy haze of bloky concertgoers, I saw something that almost made me regret not going in the first place. A packed room, a wonderful lightshow and a band that was alive. Producing music from instruments like a conduit, sharing everything they were with their audience. The focus was enirely on the room. This demonstrated by the lack of a visible stage, and people climbing the woodwork to get a better look. My only dissapointment though, was the fact that the wonderful dancers from the video were not in fact part of the band. As I later found out, they exist as part of the larger collective of collaborating musicians, performers, and artists who make Jungle what it is. Community.

The song is simple and almost minimal, but what makes it so exiting is the fact that there is so much space. Between each note of the bass, each hit of the drum, you feel like the song is almost teasing you. The stress of the heat being on your tail. The lyrics supplement this feeling. When you put it all together, it's an experience. If you've been missing out on music with soul lately, then definitely give Jungle a try. 

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