Emperor's New Clothes
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Death Of A Bachelor Or The Rise Of An LA Devotee?

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Panic! At The Disco has proven to us that change isn’t always a bad thing. The band has recently shown us that they transitioned from emo/pop punk headbangers to alternative pop masterpieces over the years. Despite the major lineup changes that have occurred from 2008 to 2015, their integrity has remained the same, if not gotten better. Following the release of their previous album, "Too Rare To Live, Too Young To Die”, in 2013, the band did not release any new music until spring 2015. In April, Panic! released the first single off of their upcoming album, “Death Of A Bachelor”. As “Hallelujah” was the first single released, the change in sound surprised many.This gospel inspired single left many fans wondering what was next for the band. The song was such a hit, that the band was invited to perform at the 2015 Alternative Press Music Awards.

The next single that was released was “Victorious”. This brings us back to the band’s roots in strong guitar riffs but also incorporates their new alternative pop sound into this upbeat celebratory tune. “Emperor’s New Clothes” was released a month after “Victorious” and is in fact, a Halloween special. This funky, synth oriented tune shows a very greedy side of Urie that we have not seen before, and the music video compliments it perfectly. This song also shows how Urie’s voice can range from low sultry vocals to high pop melodies with the blink of an eye. Their most recent, and most likely last, single to be released is titled “LA Devotee” which gives us an insight into the stereotypical world of upper class Californians. This song holds a strong pop melody accompanied by Brendon Urie’s golden vocals, as usual. Although we are all sad that Brendon’s bachelor days are over, we are looking forward to receiving this magnificent album that takes us through Brendon’s final days as an unmarried man.

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