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Brazil's Maestrick announces new EP with versions for songs of Yes, Jethro Tull and Queen

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"Masterpiece" (Stormbringer - Germany), "Fascinating" (Metal Temple - Greece) and "Unique" (Lady Obscure - USA). These were some statements in press that the Brazilian progressive rock/metal band Maestrick got with its debut album, "Unpuzzle". In Brazil, the album was elected among the "Best Of The Year" in many voting held by specialized magazines and sites.

Such recognition increases the expectation for a new studio effort. And Maestrick promises not to disappoint. Expected to reach the stores on the second semester of 2016, the album will be conceptual and released in two separated discs. The effort is still untitled, but all the structures are defined and it will bring 24 songs, with 12 in each album divided in three movements of four songs.

But in order to not let fans without new things until the release of the next studio album, Maestrick decided to solve the problem paying a tribute to those bands that most influenced them. The band announces the release of the EP "The Trick Side Of Some Songs" for january that will include new versions that Maestrick done for classics such as "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" by The Beatles, Jethro Tull's "Aqualung", Rainbow's "Rainbow Eyes", and two medleys, one of Yes ("Yes! It's a Medley!") and other of Queen ("The Ogre Fellers Master March").

According to the bass player Renato Montanha, the intention behind "The Trick Side Of Some Songs" is so genuine that makes the EP has the same weight on Maestrick's discography than a full album would has."The idea of the EP came from the necessity we had to record new things and show some of our influences and how it represents for the way we think, musically speaking, before we begin recording our new album. The choice of songs that are present in the EP only shows respect and willingness to seek inspiration with the "fathers and grandfathers" of the current bands, so we can assimilate and transform all this information in a great material to inspire us and help us in the transition as musicians from Unpuzzle to the new album."

"The Trick Side Of Some Songs" will have a limited physical edition and digitally it will be distributed for free. One of the tracks from the EP, Maestrick's version for "Rainbow Eyes", had been previously released on the five-year anniversary of the death of Ronnie James Dio.

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