Dark Sky Island
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Sparkling Despite the Fluidity of Time

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Other than our family, our friends can help shape the music we listen to as well as enjoy.

It was through a friend that I first heard of Enya and her music. This was in the late '90s and I remember how much I liked her music even then. I also kept wondering how her music should be classified. It sounds cool and refreshingly different from what was usually played on the radio. But then I realized it was enough that she was making good music. It doesn't matter, at least to me, what genre it belongs to.

Now it's 2015 and at first I was not sure how I would find Enya's latest album. Would I still like it? Would it still sound pleasantly ethereal to my ears?

After listening to her recently released album, I found out that my worries were pointless. Dark Sky Island has not disappointed me one bit. It sounds like the Enya that I know, that I enjoy listening to. It still brings the out-of-this-world element in her music that I love. 

Enya has said in an interview that her influences are Irish music, church music and classical music. While we could hear some strains of these influences in her past albums and in this one, Enya has managed through the years to come up with music with a singularly unqiue sound. 

I am satisfied with the 11 tracks in this album and might even be gulity of playing them over and over. The first track The Humming eases us into the fullness that this album has to offer. As Enya ends with Diamonds on the Water, I can't help but see it as a metaphor for her music in the world's musical landscape. Her songs sparkle despite the fluidity of time and seasons. Diamonds on the water indeed.




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