Kevin Burke
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Kevin Burke 2016

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One of the modern greats (the modern great?) fiddle player, Irish of course, former member of the popular traditional Bothy band, Kevin Burke is still going strong, touring and teaching across the globe. I saw Kevin in the flesh last year at a celtic festival in Ireland, and since then he has been my go-to inspiration for traditional fiddle music of the UK. It should also be noted that these traditional melodies were the basis for folk music of the south-eastern states of America, particularly the Appalachian region, which in turn influenced all the US' folk singers - Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan. In the seventies Burke appeared on one of Arlo Guthrie's albums, Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys.

Whether you knew it or not the music that Kevin Burke is considered a master of has been a huge influence on almost all our genres of popular music, and to hear it played like he does is a real privilege. 



Unfortunately a video is no substitute, so if you have done enough shopping around on the internet and want the real deal you can find Kevin here: