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Enjoying an Acapella Christmas

Album reviewed by:

This is such a good Christmas album. So good that I almost felt regretful that it took me 4 years after its release before finding it.

All is not lost,of course, as the month of December is fast approaching. In less than a month we'll be walking in Christmas wonderland again and I could enjoy and play this album for the season.  Oh, well, I could also just choose to play it anyway even after we have put away the Christmas tree and unwrapped all the gifts.

There is just a beautiful blending, artistic play of several voices together here in this album. The result is a delight to the ears. The performance here of Let It Snow, Frosty the Snowman, It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, Walking in a Winter Wonderland and the last piece One Small Child are just pure pleasure.

All 5 songs are enough to convince me to buy this album. So it's not that bad a deal at all that aside from the 5 pieces, you still have 10 more you could listen to. 

I can not help but wish though that it would have been a nice treat to have some of our favorite or should we say standard Christmas tunes included in this album. I'm thinking Joy to the World, O Holy Night, Jingle Bells, Twelve Days of Christmas. Then again, this album is a Christmas treasure by itself. 

Enjoy the coming season. Enjoy an Acapella Christmas.