Four Hands & a Heart Christmas
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A Carlton for Christmas

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I know it's not yet December. But in may part of the world, the Philippines, the Christmas season can begin as early as September. This month then, I am already beginning my search for Christmas tunes to play more specifically when the "official" Christmas month rolls in. And I am glad that there's some Larry Carlton selections I could listen to for the season. 

Larry Carlton's Four Hands & a Heart Christmas was actually released November of last year. But December 2014 had to end before I stumbled over this Holiday treasure from this 4-time Grammy Award recipient.

The 9 selections in the album are already our regular Christmas song staples but this time Mr. 335 himself gives us a fresh and smooth rendition of these pieces. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and The First Noel are my unmistakable top favorites in this album.

This jazz Christmas sound of Mr. Carlton through this album, I believe, can also be appreciated even by non-jazz lovers. His cool interpretation of the well-loved Christmas classics can give the listener a fresh encounter of the songs.

The only thing that makes me sad about this album is the number of songs! If only Mr. Carlton had given us more.        

While Mr. Carlton has been recording and releasing albums since the 1960s, I can not help but be thankful that he has kept playing music all these years. And that he has also given us the chance to enjoy not just his musical brilliance but his distinct performance of well-loved Christmas tunes this time. I would be happy for a Carlton piece anytime  but let's just say, especially so for the Christmas season.