Radikal Satan
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Radikal Satan

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What can one say when there are no words to use? What can one do when there are so many things to breed and show this world? Yes, music is the answer. Make the sounds and images to poison all those who are ready for this.

I haven’t got many words to say about Radikal Satan, because lots of words are useless in a case like that. I see nails in sounds if sounds could be nailed. I see a rusty blood sprayed all over the dark air. I feel the magnificent sounds of self-tortures somewhere deep down the underground. And I can imagine maniacs playing their guitar, accordion, clavier, contrabass, which are no just musical instruments, no! These are the tools, the weapons of desire and pain.

Radikal Satan is an Argentinian group based in Buenos Aires. Their music speaks, spits, screams and sacrifices itself. Each sound is a word one’s been looking for to describe and express those gloomy and desperately beautiful pictures in the head. Radikal Satan is a great tool when you have got no words, but something’s got to be bred and shown to the world outside. Imagine sounds talking to you in a strange bar, drinking beer with you and telling you jokes. This is Radikal Satan: music that talks.

Radikal Satan is a kind of jazz, doom and tango. It is experiments, which someone had to carry out. And these people are doing it the way that makes you shiver. So warm, so native and so black their sounds are. The more I listen to this band, the more I fall in love with it. Hope you’ll feel their music, too.

Some useful links:

Official Website: http://radikalsatan.org/ Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/728297-Radikal-Satan Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Radikal+Satan