Unstoppable (FKJ Remix)
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Gorgeous Lianne La Havas in Unstoppable

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First time I heard Lianne La Havas was when a friend suggested it who knows my taste of movies and music so well. It's easy for me just to relax and have new titles coming that I know I'll love. The feeling before I hear the new song is butterflies in my stomach and enthusiasm!

And again. Yes. Yes. Yes. I saw video at the same time when I heard the song for the first time as well as met Lianne La Havas. Through screen, of course. Gorgeous little ball of passion with amazing, controlled voice of hers. I call that juicy beauty, she's strange, cute, and maybe even not cute to everyone. The way she dresses, moves... I loved her at first sight! That was Lianne La Havas ft. Willy Mason – No Room For Doubt.

Through years she became known and famous, we can say. As it is seen in Unstoppable. She has her own style of singing, dressing and interior. For Unstoppable she chose beautiful stairs, high ceilings, retro hallway, cold walls, but rich. She's wearing all in one's that are again not to sexy, but she makes it piping hot because of the way she moves, sings, and believes in herself. She knows what she's doing. And we're loving it.

Unstoppable came out in July 2015. as a part of her new album »Blood« and it is a mix of Lianne's usual style: neo soul, jazz with elements of R&B, doo-wop, reggae and gospel music. La Havas is half Greek and half Jamaican, born in United Kingdom, London. Her work is compared to the work of Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott.

La Havas started singing when she was seven. Her parents had different tastes in music and she says that was the reason why her music is what it is today. Her father was a multi instrumentalist and taught her the basics, so at the age of 11, Lianne already had her first song written. She didn't start playing guitar till she was 18, though.

My favourites would be No Room For Doubt, Lost & Found, Unstoppable, Liar, Gone. Actually, everything's my favourite. This is just a few. I do admire her. And she surprises with every new song. Although recognisable style, her songs don't sound the same. And I appreciate her for that. All the imagination you need to keep them all fresh and surprising. Can't wait for more new stuff!