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Who Is Ahmir?

Artist reviewed by:

Over the past few years, a group of a cappella R&B/Soul singers have been making their presence known to the world through YouTube. Their name is Ahmir (In Arabic: Prince or King), and their talent, as far as I have seen, is unmatched. With four core members, 'Big Mike', 'Mr. Jones', 'KC', and 'Sing-Sing', the group has covered artists ranging from Coldplay to Rihanna since their initial formation in 2006, and individually have been able to tour with performers such as Luciano Pavarotti and Babyface. Although they've gained significant attention from their careers on talent television shows and the like, they deserve much more recognition from the public than they currently get. Together, their voices combine to form incredibly moving pieces that shape the way I have come to view the R&B genre.

Ahmir's recording studio is based in Boston, Massachusetts, however they hail from areas all over the Northeast. Big Mike grew up in Harlem, and after completing high school earned a scholarship to Boston University for vocal performance. Once in the city, he met Mr. Jones, a Boston local and talented vocalist himself. They soon discovered that they shared a similar dream, which on their website,ahmirmusic.com, is defined as “starting a male R&B group that was not only built on the foundation of music, but also brotherhood.” The friendship between the members can certainly be seen through the songs that they perform, but even in the beginning, it seems clear that there was a camaraderie between the first two. The third member of the group, KC, comes from Rochester, NY, and moved to Boston to pursue a career in music as well. Before long, he found a flier advertising auditions for the group, and called immediately. The process was almost complete. However, they still needed one more person to complete their sound.

Sing-Sing was originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and from a young age showed extreme skill in the musical arts as well. He attended a high school that specialized in the performing arts, and from there went to Berklee College of Music, which also happens to be located within the Boston area. The other three heard him sing at a concert whilst there, and the rest is pretty much history.

For those who haven't already experienced Ahmir's incredible work, their YouTube channel, ahmirTV, is a-ripe for the watching. Some of their best covers can be found on the site, as well as a few original works. Collaborations with other artists are common for them, including a dual cover of the songs "Nothing On You" by B.O.B. feat. Bruno Mars and "Hey Soul Sister" by Train which featured the famous YouTube musician Sam Tsui . The group also works with many charity organizations, helping children with disabilities, citizens who are living in poverty, and so much more. These four are truly something special, and I wish them even greater success in the future than they have already found. I cannot wait to see what they will produce next.