Deni Bonet
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Deni Bonet Shines Like a Diamond on New Record

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Deni Bonet's essential new album "Bright Shiny Objects" is a breath of fresh musical air for 2017. Following Bonet's career for a number of years, she never, ever disappoints. Set for release this Friday, January 27th via Zip Records (Distributed by Sony /REd US & PIAS, Rough Trade, Benelux), Bonet excites again with her flowing musical imagery that can't be beat in the current landscape.

Her ethereal sound, which has carried throughout her prior releases, gets re-worked and an updated feel for the record. Her flowing instrumentation of the violin sets her above the rest as it ebbs and flows within the record around outstanding pieces such as "Light This Candle," and "Primal Dream." Knowing no boundaries, this is Bonet's first and only all-instrumental release, and it is fitting to the next step in her high-profile career. Honing her notable violin playing, she wails on the instrument as if she was Jimmy Page on the guitar. With a passion and intensity, you feel every note resonate throughout your soul; just how Bonet intended. One of the most prominent things to be noted about "Bright Shiny Objects" is that is unlike any piece of art that Deni has released. And I use the word 'art,' because this is Bonet's masterpiece. Well done Deni Bonet, well done!