Electric Light Orchestra
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Electric Light Orchestra: Greatest Hits

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Regarded as influential and as significant as The Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra – fuelled by Jeff Lynne’s esteemed songwriting and musicianship – have held a distinct place in the industry since the 70’s. Fusing massive guitar licks with full orchestration and choral effects, ELO blended a success of great songs with modern rock and classic undertones that for many, were serious underrated.

Initially capturing the attention of US fans, this British rock extravaganza were certainly alternative for their time. On a mission to explore the most intricate of sounds, frontman Lynne was amongst the era’s finest crafters of almost-The Beatles pop tunes. And whilst they struggled to compete in the post-punk landscape throughout the 80’s, ELO turned out to be one of the most perfectly evolved bands of their time.

Packed with classic songwriting, big sounds and melodic sparkle, Electric Light Orchestra’s cluster of ‘greatest hits’ is an-almost flawed compilation. Over 40 years ago, Jeff Lynne – a songwriter to the legendary Lennon and McCartney – effectively reworked the Beatles in his own magnificent image, bringing some of the greatest songs with him in the process.

Including an array of hits from Evil Woman, Don’t Bring Me Down, Livin’ Thing and Mr Blue Sky, ELO focused on all the experimental elements The Beatles had originally tried out on their latest albums – and then built a collection of songs that made for a more deeper and streamlined approach into the band’s career.

After being resurrected twice over the years, Lynne’s ELO has burst back into the scene stronger than before, whilst still staying true to the magic that attracted fans in the first place. With a European tour announced for 2016, including a much-anticipated show at Glastonbury Festival in June, this weeks performance at the Record Club will without a doubt be the closest to the ELO experience as you can get in the meantime. Bring on those disco vibes, focused Beatles obsession and glam-rock gems fans know and love about ELO.

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