George Harrison
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George Harrison’s Self Titled Breezy Album

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This album was George’s 1979 effort as part of his current contract with Dark Horse Records. It was part of a four album engagement. From neglected Beatles tunes, to his experience with hallucinogenic mushrooms, to minor treasures, it is certainly full. His opener “Love Comes to Everyone” is certainly a brilliant contender for a beautiful minor hit single. In fact, it was. Why wouldn’t it be with all the synth brass, electric guitars, and even a very melodic bass part. The song has all the essential trappings. “Blow Away” is a song for everyone to dance to and forget their troubles. “Not Guilty” is the shelved Beatles number that he took down and remade into a brilliantly colorful and relaxed tune that hints at bigger powers getting upset over his entrance into the limelight. At least, it can be speculated that the song was in opposition to Lennon and McCartney’s dominance in writing for the Beatles. “Here Comes the Moon” is a dazzling brother to his other number “Here Comes The Soon.” I love the relaxed lead vocals and backing vocals to make this track a highly whimsical and beautiful track. I am a creature of beautiful things—and George did beautifully on this one. “Blow Away” is a fabulous breezy hit with a good chorus that’s infectious. “Faster” is a fabulous demonstration of a racer who’s determined to win it while describing his penchant for racing. “Dark Sweet Lady” is a mystical love song. “Your Love Is Forever” is a perfect-for-the-times love song perhaps to Olivia his second wife. “Soft Touch” is another. “If You Believe” is a positive message of hope for those who have fallen on hard times. The album as a whole is a great vacation record and beautifully recorded.


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