Ben Miller Band
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Ben Miller Band Interview

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Ben Miller Band first caught my attention at a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Oktoberfest event, where I had gone to see Bloodkin (previously featured here) perform and catch (the late) Bobby Keys play with them on a few songs. I was not previously familiar with the band, but their homemade washtub bass, stomp boxes, electric spoons, and other percussion kept me listening. I chatted with the band afterwards, and learned they had driven 20 hours to the show from Joplin, Missouri, where their hometown was still ravaged from the 2011 tornadoes.

Since then, Ben Miller Band has released a new album, this time backed by New West Records, and I have seen them live several times. I think their live shows outshine their records, which is handy given how much they are on the road. Currently, you can catch them on tour with Blackberry Smoke (previously featured here), and later this spring with ZZ Top. The record is good, but their shows are great.

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