Piano Rock
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Just Needing More

Album reviewed by:

The reason I am disappointed with this album is because there are only 9 songs in it. I simply want more. 

Now maybe that's a good thing really. It means that an album has really delivered what it intends to deliver because we are somehow left at the edge of our listening seat,  definitely wanting more. 

The first track in the album, Arwen's Vigil, is that good that I am able to say to myself that if it is a sign of good things to come from the rest of the album then I am sure there are more good things ahead. And it is truly so.

The 3rd track, a cover of the now classic love song Can't Help Falling in Love with You is both playful and exuberant. I even feel happy listening to it. I'm sorry to say that the past versions of the song has left me kind of blue, as if the tune is one of unrequited love. But this one here, it's a feel-good, happy-to-be-in-love version.

Now when you reach the 4th track Cello Wars, this is where the rocking fun begins! The 6th track surprises us with a woman's voice singing unlike the other earlier pieces. Dumb Song, the 7th track is just one fun performance. 

The album's last track allows us to experience the meeting of pop music and classical music. Michael Meets Mozart is one good reminder for us how music in its different genres and played across different generations is one powerful medium that moves, inspires us. It is part of the story of our lives or perhaps I should say it tells the story of our lives. 

This album is all about piano music that can rock your world and mine. And we want, we need more of it.