New Medicine
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I Think We All Need Some New Medicine

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These hard rockers hail from Minneapolis and incorporate a perfect mix of hard rocking riffs, classic rock inspired solos, rebellious lyrics and pop punk vocals. Formed in 2009, they released their debut album, Race You To The Bottom, in 2010. RYTTB really gave us a taste of what New Medicine is really capable of, but is still a far cry from their most recent album, Breaking The Model. RYTTB has much more of a pop punk angst feel compared to BTM. From anthems such as "Race You To The Bottom" and "Rich Kids" to sensitive ballads like "Little Sister" and "Baby's Gone", RYTTB does not disappoint. This album really sympathizes with teens who don't have it made but also don't have a hard life either. Songs like "Rich Kids" and "Laid" really show you the kind of angst that is demonstrated in generic pop punk, but songs like "Little Sister" really can make you emotional. The album is pretty diverse with the vibes it gives off, which works in the bands favor.


Breaking The Model is New Medicine's sophomore album and they definitely kicked it up on this one. They cleverly transitioned from pop punk riffs, to hard rocking headbangers. BTM also has a completely different feel lyrically as well. They went from singing about stupid rich kids to starting some trouble with girls, in more ways than one. This album is pretty consistent with the theme, unlike its predecessor. Headbangers like "Fire Up The Night" and "One Too Many" make you wanna just rock out, plain and simple. But then the ballads such as "All About Me" and "Boy Like Me" again, show the bands sensitive side. BTM rocks hard, and is definitely the better of the two, in my opinion. New Medicine is currently on a indefinite hiatus, but they are certainly a band to look out for. Wether they are opening for bands such as Halestorm and Avenged Sevenfold, playing their own shows, or big festivals, they never fail to rock out.