Darker My Love
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Darker My Love - Darker My Love

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Darker My Love is a psychedelic rock band from Los Angeles. They started back in the early 2000s and have produced a string of great albums filled with some truly fine noisy and feedback filled psychedelic rock. Their best album to date is probably Darker My Love, which features some truly wonderous feedback and distortion filled psych rock with a garage rock or noise rock touch to it. In a way this album points towards the legendary British noisy psych rock bands like The Telescopes and Loop, while also having a clear modern neo-psych feel to it. They also have some deep lying stoner rock influences throughout though.

The keywords for tracks on Darker My Love are heavy and catcy feedback and fuzz filled psych that dwells just enough in repetitive heavyness, while also having enough variations to make almost all the tracks on this album interesting and surprising to a degree. This is especially true with tracks like Hello Traveler or Claws And Paws. Other tracks like Helium Heals pack some more pacey neo-psych, and have a psychedelic transcending feel to them, while also packing some fine distortion laden psyched out guitar sound. Then again it has some melodic noise-rock influences. And another track titled Catch packs some more dreamy and shoegazey mellow psych with a garage rock feel. And that is what makes this album great. It is the mixing of genres and having just enough variations inside and between songs to make the album consistantly interesting. Something that many today's neo-psych bands simply can not do.

This is an album for those who are into neo-psychedelia and noise rock, while also enjoying psychedelic stoner rock and doom. One of the best albums in its own particular genre. Worth checking out.

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