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“Splin” is a Russian rock band. It appeared in 1994. The band is a representative of the third wave of Russian rock. It is probably the most romantic Russian rock band. A lot of their songs can be referred to the romance genre. One of them is even called “Romance”. Here are some words (translated from Russian) of that song: “A lamp doesn’t shine And the calendars lie

If you want to tell me something

Now it is the time Any sound is deceptive The silence is even more scary

In the pitch of merriment I drop a glass of wine”.


The instruments that use the musicians of “Splin” are: guitars (rhythm guitar and solo-guitar), drums, bass-guitar, keyboards, flute and percussion. The music of this band may be called soft rock. Most of the songs are very melodious. The lyrics are dramatic and well written. Most of the songs are about love, but not all of them. For example there is a song called “Чудак” (“Original”). It is devoted to Jesus Christ. Here is a translated part of this song: “The original man was walking And the sunshine was warming his head There was a bag on his back He was walking home And thought that everyone would be so happy To know that he is alive…”


Songs by “Splin” are adored by girls and boys, men and women. It is a kind of rock band that is broadcasted on TV and radio. The leader of the band Alexander Vasilyev created several songs together with Boris Grebenshikov. “Splin” is a representative of St. Petersburg rock club as well as “Akvarium”.


You can hear the songs of “Splin” in 9 films, several cartoons and PC game “GTA IV” on the Eastern Europe radio. This song is called “The life line” (originally in Russian it is called: “Линия жизни”). Here is the translation of the beginning of the lyrics: “We lay down on the bottom And turned on the lights

There are only us In the Universe Have it your own way Have it your own way Have it your own way The lights are shining The stars are lighten This life is so complicated This life is so easy We’ve left to the outer space There is nothing left for us in this world” .