Olga Arefieva
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Many-sided personality of Olga Arefyeva

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Olga Arefyefa is a leader of the Russian rock band called “Ark” (originally the band name looks like the following: “Ковчег”). The band appeared in 1990. The songs Arefyeva created has dramatically changed through the years. Every new album is not alike the previous. That’s why it is always interesting to give an eye on her songs. The other Russian rock representative whose works are also so multifaceted is Boris Grebenshikov.


Trying to give some designation for the musical genres of the songs by Arefyeva, I may say that she started with a mixture or rock and reggae (though some songs were very close to classic music) and folk-rock, and the late albums contain some psychedelic rock (also can be found in the first albums), trip-hop and melodious rock songs. Please mention that the given definition is very brief. Among the songs by Olga Arefyeva you can find some chanson, cabaret music, very different rock music, etc. Classic music, rock and reggae may be mixed together in one single composition (as in the song called “Дочь человечья” (Human’s daughter)).   


I may mention that in the first years of the band used acoustic instruments and now most songs are performed in electric. Also sometimes they mix electric and acoustic instruments in one song. The music is created with the help of the following instruments (variable sets from song to song): guitars (acoustic, electric), bass-guitar, drums, violoncello, keyboards, piano, harmonica, flute, percussion, etc. Beautiful music and unique powerful vocal – that’s the definition of the songs by “Ark”. Olga studied at the higher musical school in Sverdlovsk. Her teacher of vocal was Valery Borysovich Gurevich. A lot of his students perform parts in operas around the world. Arefyeva’s voice is unique. She plays with sounds nice and easily. Her voice is deep, powerful and variable. She signs high notes, low notes and performs throat singing time to time. Olga Arefyeva is a real master of vocal.


Also she creates very poetic lyrics. The charm is missed in the translation, but I dare to provide you with the translated (by me) piece of the song by Olga Arefyeva.

“Important: don’t forget to have some sleep Not important things are in the weekly The world is white – have a look and you’ll see It is like a bed in the Christmas-Eve


The border between sky and sadness Isn’t closed And I search for a key with the help of my eyes”  


Beside all of the mentioned Arefyeva has published several books: one story and several poetry collections. Also she is a leader of a theatre group and gives lessons of vocal and choreography.