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Piknik - more than just a gothic rock.

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“Piknik” is a Russian rock band. These guys are among the pioneers of Russian rock movement, and they are really great. “Piknik” appeared in 1978. Also it is used to say that they professional career started in 1981 when Edmund Shklyarskiy became the leader of the band. As the pioneers they became teachers for some younger musicians. For example they inspired such famous (in Russia) bands as “Agatha Christy” and “Bi 2”. 


The most songs of the “Piknik” may be called rather "dark". Also there is nothing like: “I hate you and I kill you”, “Guts and brains covered streets like a carpet”, and other muck. I may call their songs mysterious. The lyrics are very humane. Also these are not the songs for pop music fans and hip-hopers. There are no pink snivel, vanilla nonsense and vanity. Most of the lyrics are really dramatic. When they sing about love, it is a song about really deep feelings. Here is an example of the part of the song “Самый звонкий крик - тишина” translated from Russian: “He will enter without asking You won’t fall in love from the first sight When you look at him, you won’t see any beautiful lineament

But when he starts talking

You feel the passion

No doubt

The most loud sound Is silence

And the most bright light Is night


Everything could be another If it was possible not to breath There could be the other way If he didn’t knew how beautiful you are You don’t know how it is when you go mad So, the water will be spilled The most loud sound Is silence

And the most bright light Is night”.


“Piknik” may be referred to gothic rock. Also it is not a classic gothic metal or solo guitar gothic music, or something. Their style is unique and authentic. The same is the vocal manner of the leader. It is near to throat signing but not exactly. Most songs of this band are a kind of mixture of gothic and mantras. Also the topic of the lyrics is quite esoteric time to time. Let me name some songs of such a kind: “Египтянин” (“Egyptian”), “У шамана три руки” (“Shaman has three hands”), “Это река Ганг” (“It is a river called Gang”). Previously I’ve mentioned that most of the songs by “Piknik” are quite "dark". Really a lot of them are composed in minor key. Also there are some songs in major key. Such as: “Это река Ганг” (“It is a river called Gang”), “Течёт большая река» (“The big river flows”), “Шарманка” (“Barrel-organ”) and others. Many songs of “Piknik” have really warm guitar parts. One of them is “Взгляд туманный пьёт Нирвану” (“Foggy eye drinks Nirvana”).


Even if you can’t understand great lyrics, cause they are written in Russian, try this band if you like soft rock music.