Lenny Kravitz
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Rock It, Flash It!

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The best way to listen to Lenny Kravitz is live in concert, but that actually counts for many artists. Lenny Kravitz has just released a Blu-Ray/DVD of his latest tour, which was in support of his most recent album, “Strut”.

The DVD is called “Just Let Go Live”. The DVD and the tour have had reviews that all agreed on one thing. Kravitz oozes sex appeal. Still, the tour itself might probably be most remembered due to his wardrobe mishap during his Stockholm performance. It’s funny, how one (not so) little thing can mark a whole tour. But, moving on…

He’s a long way away from his first hit “Let Love Rule”, but Kravitz has been one of the most consistent artists within the music scene. His retro hippie rock style has remained in his looks throughout the years, even though  he’s lost those dreadlocks ages ago. But it’s also stayed consistently present in his music, with a slight sidetrack to electronic, most recently on a few tracks from “Strut”.

Looking at him, you can’t believe the man is 50, but that’s not all that may sound surprising to most people. There’s more to Kravitz than his music. Oh no, I’m not referring to his acting skills. Granted, he’s doing very well as an actor too. I have seen him play several roles to such conviction that I never for one moment see him as Lenny Kravitz anymore.

But, I was actually referring to his other side gigs, photography and design. Yep, the rock musician picked up a hobby, while enjoying a life on the road. When he had time off, he would take pictures of the paparazzi that would follow him around and he took pictures of his fans. It gives you a unique look into his world.

The photos got published in a book this year and now the pictures are even shown as part of a photography exhibition in the Miami Design District. The exhibit opened a few days ago and will only run very briefly, until December 6th 2015.

His artistry also extends to the fields of design. For this, he teams up with many other designers and is able to translate his indie rock style in interior design, furniture design and much more. To house all this, he’s been running a design company called Kravitz Design for several years.

Yep, there’s more to Kravitz than meets the eye and he’s definitely showing, you can be so relevant later in life. He’s got the stuff and struts it.