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Tross - 16:11

Album reviewed by:

Tross is one of the more interesting Swedish psychedelic rock bands, whose latest album titled 16:11 was released by the great Swedish label Höga Nord Rekords on vinyl. Tross isn't however your average psych band with maddened half avant-garde jamming on top of a usual boring repetitive bassline for over 20 minutes on end. Tross is seemingly more structured and refined in its highly funky krautrock basslines and efficient echo and reverb laden guitars. It is as almost every track on this album is made to be so that they stick to your mind and settle there for good to keep you a funky company. May you like it or not.

The best tracks on this album are the extremely fascinatingly named Stig Berglings Saga, as well as Red Reverse Cruiser and Under Kitten's Furr. All of them sound basically like a soundtrack to driving around on a small Scandinavian highway in between seemingly endless forests on your way to a Brainbombs gig in Hudiksvall. I mean isn't that what most Swedes do? And if they do that, then don't they do this to the sound of Tross? Either way, Tross are the masters of the funky smoothly flowing basslines that won't get out of your mind, and which are complemented by some unorthodox schizophrenic reverb and echo filled guitars. These guitars however sound extremely catchy in a good way, and while they do sometimes have a post-rock feel to them like in a track titled Olive, then I can't say this feel comes around often. Since well they are not some complaining depressed end of the world guitars, but more so flowing and ascending in a funky 70s horror film murder kind of way. They are simply great.

So indeed, if you are looking for some really good krauty psych rock basslines with some funky yet schizophrenic atmosphere from start to finish, then this is a band whose way to go. The guitars feel unorthodox and unusual, while always seemingly ascending somewhere, and that is all a plus of course. One of the more fascinating psych releases of recent years in my book.

Bandcamp - http://trossonboard.bandcamp.com/

Last.fm - http://www.last.fm/music/Tross

Discogs - http://www.discogs.com/artist/3662641-Tross-2