When You Cut Into The Present
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Møster! - When You Cut Into The Present

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Møster! are a renowned Norwegian experimental avant-garde psychedelic noise-rock outfit, who happen to mix a variety of subgenres in their repertoire. Their latest album When You Cut Into The Present came out this year just a few months ago and packs some really explosive progressive avant-garde noise-rock, with a lot of psych rock, free jazz and even subtle mathrock influences. It is surely one of the more fascinating and unique avant-garde psychedelic noise rock releases of this year.

The album starts off with a massive nearly 10 minute long progressive free jazz and psychedelic rock infused track titled Nebula And Red Giant. Kjetil Møster really pulls off a massive improvisational psyched out saxophone free jazz jam on this track that is propelled forward by consistently technical mathrock drums, along with a catchy and slightly doomy psych bassline. All of this gradually evolves into a massive repetitive avant-garde noise rock ending. This track is undoubtedly the best this album has to offer. The other tracks aren't bad by no means either. For example The Future Leaks Out brings forth another great slowly evolving avant-garde noise rock jam along with almost danceable drums and another great sax improvisation.

Another track titled Roundhouse Rumble is a bit more structured and cultured if you will, with a funky bassline accompanied by a bit more structured saxophone part and a great psych rock jam part in the end. A truly catchy track with some technical drumming once more in the vein of Ahleuchatistas. Bandha is another track similar in some ways to Roundhouse Rumble, as it starts off quite funkily too in the rhythm department, but also packs some fine distorted fuzzy guitars that surely please any psych rock fan. All in all this is a very solid progressive avant-garde psych/noise rock album and definitely worth checking out.

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