Hidden Fields
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The Telescopes - Hidden Fields

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The legendary British noise-rock/psych rock/shoegaze band The Telescopes came out with a great new album earlier this year, and subsequently caught everyone who love the sound of the early years The Telescopes by a complete surprise. Back in 1989 The Telescopes came out with argueably their best album Taste, which just so happens to be one of my personal all time favorite garage rock or noise rock albums with a psych rock twist. After that album The Telescopes however moved towards more ambient sounding shoegaze, noisy dream pop and into more experimental sounds. And now after a few decades the old The Telescopes seem to be back.

The first track You Know The Way on the new album Hidden Fields strikes with some old school noisy garage rock, along with some no-nonsense repetitive catchy drumming leading the way. Propelled forward in turn by some distinct The Telescopes style shoegaze vocals. The second track Absence dwells in the dreamy noisy psych ambience, while the third track In Every Sence goes right back to where the first track left off. Then comes around Don't Bring Me Around, which is some fine noisy madness with drums that make you think if you haven't by chance ended up at an Aluk Todolo gig. This track packs some excellent krautrock style psychedelic noise-rock, with some maddened jap psych-like distorted jamming on top of the repetitive core.

The last monumental 15 minute track with its great repetitive low end bass and drums however is the one that blows me away completely. It is exactly the kind of psychedelic noise rock that I assume most The Telescopes listeners tend to value. There isn't much variations in this repetitive krautrockish noise-rock track, with some improvisational distorted guitars that seems to go on forever. But that is exactly what this genre is about. Glad to see that The Telescopes are back to what they just happen to do the best. Its all but fitting that the vocals on this track keep telling you ''I remember everything'', as to almost refer to the early 90s.

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