Kurt Cobain
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Kurt Cobain. More than an idol - a person that worth sympathy.

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“I’m not like them But I can pretend” Using the terminology of anthropological works by Carlos Castaneda, these words from the song by Kurt Cobain describe one of the concepts of stalking. Stalking is considered to be the art of social integration for sorcerers. Also it may be compared to the main art of ninjas – the art of disguise. Really suffering from the excessive attention and heavy drugs of psychiatry Kurt has been “fighting” till the end. Never minding lots of negative factors he made his way to the top of the social scale – he became a rock star. Even more – he became a symbol of new epoch, a person that symbolized dreams realization and personal freedom. It is really a kind of magic – the man who suffered from limitation of personal freedom from the very childhood has become the symbol of freedom. Also it is true – he has. The evidence of that is a large amount of modern bands that imitate “Nirvana” in that or other way, and of cause fans all over the world.

Some people say about Cobain’s songs: “It is not singing. It is screaming”. This statement is not correct. He’s got different songs. Some of them are very melodious. Also some of the songs are really “screams” – the screams of the beautiful and sincere soul. Kurt was not like those gorged fools that scream their songs just because it is in trend nowadays. Many people cry aloud about their hate and they are so proud of their misanthropy. I believe Cobain loved human beings. He was not a haughty person either. He was real, he was alive. Many of his songs have become a kind of bistoury which lances social abscesses. Kurt Cobain had keen senses and he pointed to the social illnesses, which had become obviously ordinary to many other people. Let me compare Kurt Cobain to Vladymyr Mayakoskiy (really some songs by “Nirvana” are quite surrealistic, and the grandfather of Surrealism is Mayakovskiy). I’d like to cite some words from his poem:

“I thought books are being made like the following: A poet came, and easily had his mouth opened And started singing just the same moment. Though before one will be able to sing He wanders till the callosities appear on the skin, While silly fish of imagination is quiet Dabbling in the ooze of the heart”. These words mean that poetry is not just a kind of “bla-bla-bla”. Poetry is the result of hard intellectual and soul work. Kurt Cobain was a real poet. He was full of pain, but he transformed his pain into poetry. It is a good example for all those miserable criminals that cause pain to other people just because they are unhappy themselves.