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Wolfmother Victorious

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Hallelujah! The band that was once slated as "the next Led Zeppelin”, has finally released a new track. As a long time follower of this Australian rock band, I was ecstatic when I got word of Wolfmother's new single titled “Victorious”. 

Let me begin by saying I was a believer in the the Zeppelin hype that arose after their debut self-titled album came out in 2006. That entire album is incredible. I believe these guys screwed themselves by releasing such a powerful and unbeatable album right off the bat because I think nothing they released since then has come close to the radiance of that LP.

Victorious has a feel that embodies the classic Wolfmother sound, with a taste of modern hard rock tied in. If you are unfamiliar with his group, Lead singer Andrew Stockdale's voice has remarkable range and just overall iconic qualities in it. As the music blazes underneath he belts the powerful chrous:

"She will be victoriousAnd won't get the battle lossAlways-a mysteriousCause she will be victorious"

Overall, this songs brings a nice nostalgic feeling back into the picture. Even though they has lost most of their original members, the band retains its grassroots sound and still brings the energy in "Victorious".


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