A Beautiful Collection - Best Of Carole King
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A Truly Beautiful Collection

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There is no denying that Carole King stands today as a living musical legend. The awards she has received, her songs that have charted through the years -- these are affirmations of her musical gifts of performing and song writing.  

A search through YouTube will show that even when she is already in her 70s, Carole King is still in her best element. Take this video for instance, taken just this year when she performed on the Today Show or last year when she surprised on stage the cast of Beautiful The Carole King Musical and then sang along with them.  

I would say that if you are a lover of folk rock music, your musical collection would not be complete without an album or two of this New York born singer-songwriter. Just in case you don't have one or if you are adding one more to your Carole King album collections, then it's about time you get your own copy of this 2015 released album.

This Sony Music Entertainment compilation contains what I would say as vintage Carole King. It includes her first number 1 hit, Will You Love Me Tomorrow, which she penned together with her former husband Gerry Goffin for the black girl group The Shirelles.  Her Grammy award winning hits are also in this album: It's Too Late, the classic "friendship song" You've Got a Friend and Jazzman.

My other personal favorites in this album include the opening track, Beautiful and the 9th track: So Far Away. Ah, but I am sure you also have your own favorites here as well. What I just miss having in this album is another Grammy award winning song, Tapestry. How I wish it was also included here.  

Well, minus the song Tapestry, I would still say that this album is still one truly beautiful collection. 

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