Blown Out
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Blown Out

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Blown Out are one of the most underrated yet renowned space rock/doom/kraut influenced psychedelic rock bands of the last few years. This krauty and doomy psychedelic noise rock band from Newcastle has released a number of persistently great albums since their highly rated debut album Drifting Way Out Between Suns in 2014. Albums such as Sun Rot, Planetary Engineering and Jet Black Hallucinations all exemplify the trademrk 10 to 20 minute long mezmerizing krauty spaced out psych rock jamming, which has become almost synonymous to Blown Out these days.

No matter if we take earlier songs such as Trascending Deep Infinity or Quantum Shift On Plague Mothership or tracks from later albums such as Transgalactic World Eater, we still get the mindblowing krauty jams that encapsulate the listener in an inescapable and unresistable psyched out repetitive noisy doom madness. The repetitive catchy basslines and drums wonder exhaltedly lika a mantra into the abyss of space. Exhalted and transcendent psyched out distorted jamming that always seem to have something more up their sleeve even though the trip has lasted for 15 minutes. It is time to burn the engine and take off towards spaced out insanity. It is time to lose your mind at warp speed. This is exactly what the albums of Blown Out are all about.

Their latest album Jet Black Hallucinations also packs a very smilar spaced out feel, but the jams tend to evolve a bit slower and to be heavier in the stoner and doom sense. The awesome basslines though are still as determined in their mesmarzing krauty repetition as a cosmic samurai in his determined, yet stubborn and ultimately fatal loyalty to his cosmic master. The end of this samurai though comes through a mindblowingly psychedelic noisy trip, where he in his maddened loyalty to psyched out repetition takes apart the fabric of space and time. His quest of cosmic vengeance catches glimpses of unparalleled admiration until he takes down all the unvierses one by one. In his frenzy the planets aren't even a slightest match, the stars are engulfed by every movement of his all-consuming cosmic blade. All that remains is a singularity, which explodes into another flow of universes once another new Blown Out album comes out.

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