Punching Bag
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No Hometown Bias

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 Verticoli are a four-piece from my original home state of Tasmania, Australia. They've been a big part of the music scene down there and they continue to do very good things on their latest release, Punching Bag. 

I've seen them in the flesh numerous times and Punching Bag is like the last two years of their gigs stuffed into an album. Verticoli consists of Sam Hunn on lead vocals/guitar, Will Scutt lead guitar, Carlos Pashev on bass and Will Colvin on drums. These guys are fucking loud. They are loud. They are a band that, if you are in the venue, you are listening to them. No hiding in the smoking area. But it would be an insult to stop there. The guitars are exceptional; atmospheric but heavy when you want them to be, bass and drums give you the groove and the vocals can be sweaty rock and roll or shouting above the noise or blending with guitar sections. And they're writing pop songs. These guys are the reason you should be listening to hard rock on the radio and with their snowballing following I think we're going to hear a lot more of them and a lot more like them. Check out some tracks from Punching Bag below for free. There are no standouts, it's all one sweet record.