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2016 Album Should Not Be Missed

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I don't have favourites and Gojira are my favourite metal band. Their early stuff is lacking production wise, but so what? Since 'The Way of All Flesh' in 2008 and 'L'enfant Sauvage' ('The Wild Child) in 2012, French band Gojira have shown themselves to be true innovators of their genre. They have released five studio albums, each one better than the last, and they are set to put out another in the new year. Mario Duplantier (drums) said of their new material:

"We spent two months... composing new stuff, composing new songs. And we feel very optimistic about the future. We're already enjoying a lot of the new stuff. We want to make the strongest album we can do. I mean, all the bands say they try to make the strongest album, but this time, I think we will really do it."

I think so. They've released their strongest record five times in a row now. Science would tell us they'll do it again. Personally I'm very excited to see what they'll come up with; recent years have shown them blend more and more from alternative styles into a more mainstream and accessible sound, while still maintaining a very original an distinct personality. I think that These guys could be the metal band to break through into modern pop culture, and they can dispel some of the stigma associated with more extreme examples of heavy music.

If you're into something heavy, beautiful, sometimes technical, sometimes everything, groove based and different, check these guys out. 



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