Must Exist
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Goth Existentialism

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Instead of instagraming existential crisis, true artists sublime their crisis into a something divine. Competition is a mother of great achievements. Nicole Saboune is a perfect example. This Swedish singer was in semi-finals of The Voice and the show definitely provoked something existential and substantial in her. Must exist is the name of her debut album and I must say it’s a Must listen. Scandinavia is famous for it’s music treats and Nicole came as a pre-Christmas present for me.

My first music association on Sweden is Lykke Li but young Saboune doesn’t sound like her at all. She is framed in the music scene of 70s and 80s, especially post-punk and gothic rock. Mature lyrics, sincere and young offer a broad spectrum of topics, from love to rebellion and socially active messages.

Win This Life opened not only the album but also my mouth. I was in shock with such as bombastic track, supported by post-punk skeleton. Unseen Footage From  A Forthcoming Funeral (what a title, huh?) is a sarcastic thingy with a note of goth rock, only more gentle and subtle.

Conquer or Suffer is the most memorable number on the album – a true rebellious anthem about independence with a very contagious chorus. This single is her biggest hit and probably one of the strongest tracks I have heard coming from Scandinavia when it comes to female vocalists. It is hard to make something original, but this track is on the right track.

Slow tempo graces the middle of the album. Songs like Another Vision and A Place To Hide are non-pathetic, non-infantile love songs. Very ironic and self-conscious, just like the whole album. Intuitive approach payed off. Nicole stays true to herself. I Surrender is a gorgeous bonus track ballade. I surrender, I don’t count on anything at all, no miracles.

This album will give you concise indie pop with prominent post-punk influences. In the sea of female vocalists, Nicole Saboune brings discovered a new land.

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