Dirty Beaches
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Dirty Beaches

Artist reviewed by:

Memories and Future Visions.

Oh, I still remember that moment when I’ve heard Dirty Beaches for the first time! It was “Black Silk Stockings”. I was listening to it on and on and on. I couldn’t believe I’d found something like that. The kind of music created and recorded the r i g h t way. Everything is just perfect and true. Dirty Beaches is true thing. Forever and ever.

Dirty Beaches is Alex Zhang Hungtai, a Taiwanese-born Canadian. His music is a low-fi Magic. Well, I should say it w a s, because Alex has ended this project a year ago, saying that something new was on its way. A new moniker, a new sound – this is great! But Dirty Beaches are forever and ever. So, this is a mix of love, passion and a dusty boots sound in an empty motel. Sampled blues and neon light of the places unknown – this is Dirty Beaches. When you see a beautiful woman in a bar being drunk, sad and lonely – this is Beaches. When you feel confused and blue – Dirty Beaches.

Alex’s been travelling a lot and taking lots of his inspiration from his voyages, new places and Wong Kar-Wai. Perfect combination to make lo-fi ballads in a twilight motel with a ghost lover on your bed. You feel young and old and the same time. You wanna drink whiskey and watch black-and-white movies to find a piece of someone’s story matching to your new song. Just a little sample of some 20th century love story, echoing in your sampler. Dirty Beaches is a travel into a never-ending love story like Kar-Wai’s movies. Lots of tapes were released under this moniker. And all of them are dusty reminders of someone’s traces in the world of lonesome trips and cassette-ballads recorded to make you feel. Feel Dirty Beaches and keep it as a precious secret.  

Some links:

Bandcamp: https://dirtybeaches.bandcamp.com/ Blogspot: http://dirtybeaches.blogspot.com/ Discogs: http://www.discogs.com/artist/1352332-Dirty-Beaches Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Dirty+Beaches