Heart On (Deluxe Edition)
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Zipper Down

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Zipper Down came after seven years of waiting. Take that, those who whine about Adele’s 3 year period of latency. Same as their previous record, the new album of Eagles Of Death Metal is full of rock foolishness. There are some great moments, there are some bad moments but one thing is bizarre – for their first single, they have decided to cover themselves. Complexity was a track that announced Boots Electric, the solo project of Jesse Hughes. Let me get one thing straight – Complexity is a great song but they probably lacked inspiration when they decided to release it again. Without it, the album would probably be a commercial failure.

Seven years is a very long period. Mirrors know that. When you know how good was their previous album, Heart On, it makes you question whiter this is the same band. Ok, the fun and crazy lyrics are still prominent, but when you start listening to guitars and melodies, you can not help yourself but to be disappointed. Everything is stereotypical, non inventive, forced. Bad.

After the first listen, I couldn’t differentiate songs. Not one of them stood out. Sometimes, it can be a good thing because the album gains wholeness. In this case, it suggest monotony and boredom. It’s such a shame.

The most common situation with songs on Zipped Down is awesome guitar riff with everything else missing. Get a Woman is a type of song in which you would expect to hear more. But no. I Love You All The Time and Oh Girl made me erase their concert from my memory. I can’t believe. I was such a fan.

The whole product seems like a copy of their album Honkey Kong. The only difference is that I would always rather listen to Honkey Kong. It is clear to me that their fourth album was released only so that they could tour again and have fun.