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Sarcastic Punk

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By Stereogum, Fildar were named one of the best bands of 2012. This year, the one who is going to name them as such is me.

Great debut album was a huge discovery, and their second effort is obviously a continuation of a success story. No wonder there is this enormous hype around them. They sound powerful, self-confident, rebellious and playful. The energy present on both albums left me speechless because I can really hear uncompromising  statement. Seems like The Hives and The Black Lips have heard the same since they invited them on tour.

Skate punk\garage punk in the best way possible. Punk is in their blood, punk is the air they breath. California is their motherland. Surf and skate subculture is their school. You can hear the chill and foolishness of California beaches. The mentality of Los Angeles is immanent to Fidlar. Speaking of, word game of their name is also foolish. It is an acronym of Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk or Forget It Dad, Life Is Alright. Clearly, auto irony is their subtext. Nothing serious here. Except for serious quality.

The album is burning with energy and fun songs. It is difficult to choose favorite because there are all hilarious and good. This is one of those albums you start loving after the first listen and the more you listen to it, the more you are on the edge of putting it on the list of your all time favorites.

Lyrically, everything is bursting with irony, cynism and humor. Nothing is extreme. 40oz.On Repeat has a line Cause everybody’s got somebody, everybody but me that is not a lament, rather self-irony. The only way to notice that is by listening to the manner in which the singer has interpret it.

The middle of the album kicks ass with dance-y West Coast, sarcastic Sober and anthemic Why Generation. They are making fun of everything: the young, the old, sober ones, drunk ones, the ones who are left, the ones who are cheated on. They are making fun of themselves as well, especially in tracks such as Stupid Decisions and Bad Habits.

So much fun in so little time left me wanting more. So I just kept replaying it.