The Color Before The Sun
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Coheed and Cambria The Color Before The Sun Album Review

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Progressive rock heavyweights Coheed and Cambria released their new album titled on October, 16th 2015. Up until this point, Coheed has only released concept albums following the comic book series The Color Before the Sun which is written by their lead singer Claudio Sanchez.The Amory Wars is the first non-conceptual album the band has released, making it the only Coheed and Cambria album to not be a part of storyline. That being said, let’s dive into the album.The Color Before the SunThe Amory Wars

I had to double check that I playing the right album halfway through the first song. The album begins with erie ambience of a subway station. Acoustic guitar slowly leads you into an intro that only be described as angelic. Sanchez’s multi-layered falsetto singing, gives the feeling of elation. Out of nowhere, the band launches into a pop-punk melody. It almost remind me of late 90s, early 2000s punk bands.

A track I really enjoyed was “Here to Mars”. I thought it combined their new dynamic sound, with their older more progressive sound. The groovy bass line carries the song into the epic, post-hardcore sounding chorus.

“Honey, it's in the stars

And you're my everything from here to Mars

And every word I say I truly mean

Dear darling, I hope I'm being clear

Cause there's no one like you on Earth

That can be my universe”

Lyrics from "Here to Mars"

As a whole, I enjoyed . I would encourage listeners to hear it at least two or three times through before making an opinion on it. Sanchez takes the initiative to change the bands sound, and personally I like the adjustment he’s made.The Color Before the Sun